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 these are our clan rules

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these are our clan rules Empty
PostSubject: these are our clan rules   these are our clan rules Icon_minitimeFri Oct 10, 2008 2:38 pm

Rule 1: Follow all Jagex/RuneScape/Forum rules.
Rule 2: NO Begging for Ranks. We have a rank system.
Rule 3: NO Spamming or Flaming the Forums or Clan Chat.
Rule 4: Respect ALL! other clan members no matter their rank or combat level.
Rule 5: If you can Kick, use it responsibly.
Rule 6: Try to come to as many events as you can.
Rule 7: Be Mature, and the secret word is Fishsticks (subject to change)

Rule 8: NO AND I MEAN NO MISCLICKS! WE TAKE THIS VERY SERIOUSLY AND WILL TAKE ACTION IF IT HAPPENS. We Will all be Wearing the Same Wilderness Capes Anyway so This Shouldn't be Accidental.

Rule 9: Please read the all of our forum (you only have to do it once so just get it over with)

Rule 10: Ten rules sounded cool no Smoking or Tampering with Smoke Detectors while your with Slay's pking clan. Thank you and have a FREAKIN' SWEET DAY!
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these are our clan rules
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